The Basics of Working With US

Finding a photographer that you feel comfortable with can be tough. We work hard to bridge the gap between professional and personal – our clients are more than just clients. We hope that you leave your initial consultation feeling like you’ve made two new friends. Your shoot will be adventurous and free, not stiff and posed.  We aim to capture raw love and emotion, stiff posing just does not allow for that. We will however give you some guidance to ensure your photos are amazing. To make you feel a little more familiar with our process, we’ve spelled it all out for you here!

1. Contact:

Shoot us an e-mail through our contact page. Be as detailed as you’d like! We both LOVE hearing about your story and all the details of your wedding. The more you tell us the better!

2. Consultation:

We prefer to meet in person over coffee (or tea for Dana). We know that’s not an option for all of our clients so we also are willing to have phone or Skype consultations. Either way, we will talk for a bit about your day, what you’re looking for, and how we work! This is a great time to ask us any and all questions you may have.

3. Booking:

In order to book your wedding we will need a signed contract and retainer fee. We will send you a contract over e-mail after we meet in person or over Skype. Please be sure to read it carefully before you sign.  The retainer fee is half of the full amount of the wedding and is non-refundable. We will send you an invoice as soon as you sign your contract and you can pay via PayPal or mail us a check. Information for both options will be provided in your invoice.

4. Questionnaire

After booking with us, we will send you an online questionnaire that has all of the details for your wedding day. During your consultation, we will most likely have talked about a lot of the topics on the questionnaire, but we like to have everything organized in one place. This is an online form that can be edited at anytime, we just ask that it is fully completed at least two weeks before your wedding date. 

5. Engagement Session:

Your engagement session can be planned whenever and wherever you choose! We LOVE going to new places, especially if they have special meaning to you. If you’re stumped for a location we’d be happy to find the perfect spot for you. We will work out the logistics for your engagement shoot so you don’t have to worry about anything. We typically shoot in the evenings for 1-2 hours depending on the location. We will spend your shoot laughing, running around, and enjoying whatever weather the day has given us, all while capturing your story.

6. Wedding:

Yay! The big day is finally here. All you have to do is enjoy it with your family and friends. We will already have an approximate timeline for photos and all of the information we need to keep the day stress-free and running smoothly!

7. Delivery:

While you guys are on your honeymoon, we'll be furiously culling and editing your photos. Typically the day after your wedding, we will post a sneak peek on Facebook with a couple of our favorite photos. We'll also probably continue to post a few sneaks on Instagram as we are editing. We just can't resist! When we've put the finishing touches on all of your photos, we will release a blog post on our website and email you a link to your online gallery shortly thereafter. After that, you can expect a little package in the mail with your USB drive. This will include the same high-resolution photos on your online gallery along with the printing rights and release. All thats left to do is reminisce and enjoy the memories!